UIS 404 Society Students place in top 20%


Three UIS 404 Society students, Austin Bransky, Paula Kawal, and Dennis McDonald, have just finished competing in the first game of three National Cyber League’s annual competitions. All three students have finished in the top 20% of 3,070 competitors from colleges and universities across the nation.. Austin and Dennis stand in the top 12%. Congratulations!

Along with other UIS 404 Society students, they have been using the National Cyber League’s gymnasium, which provides a place to practice and develop skills. Students get a chance to hone techniques and in real-time gain experience in the affects of different attacks on a network, how to find them in system logs, traffic captures and much more.

The National Cyber League utilizes the CompTIA Security+ and EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker objectives of Open Source Intelligence, Scanning, Enumeration, Penetration Testing, Traffic Analysis, Log Analysis, Wireless Security, Cryptography, and Web Application Security. The games are performance based to measure a player’s strengths and weakness among these learning objectives.