Girl Tech 2010
Join us for two days of fun exploring technology! Hands-on activities include programming robotics, computer networks and much more!
Dates and Times
  • Who?   Girls entering 7th, 8th or 9th grades
  • Where? University Hall Building at the
    University of Illinois at Springfield
  • When?  June 17th and 18th — 8:30AM to 5:00PM
    (Registration begins at 8:00AM)
  • Cost?  $25.00 per girl

Event Descriptions
Spooky Alice!
Create your own ghost story with StoryTelling Alice.  Use 3D objects
and characters to learn the basics of programming and animation.
Explore the Robo-Jungle
Robots can do more than just vacuum your floor!   This workshop will let you explore the world of autonomous robotics by programming a robot to hop and crawl.
Starring YOU!
Using photos taken during these fun-filled days, we will create digital movies - complete with music, transitions, titles and credits - highlighting the best of Girl Tech 2010.   We'll export the videos to DVD for you to take home.
What's in the Box?
Did you ever wonder what's inside a computer, how they run and how all those parts fit together?  Come to this session and find out!
Hi-Tech Design
Using Photoshop we will design t-shirts for Girl Tech 2010.
Learn the role of computers in the world of graphic art and design.
• Chatbots and Turing Tests:  Are computers intelligent?
   Can you figure out if you are chatting with a another person or a computer?

• GirlTech Idol:  Create your own virtual Avatar and teach her to dance and sing!

• Safe or Sorry?  Let's talk about cyber safety and on-line social networking.

• Emergent Intelligence:  Simple rules make complex behaviors; Can YOU control
   the behavior of a group of artificial life forms in five steps or less?

Want More Info
  • Contact: Mary Sheila Tracy – UIS Computer Science Dept.
  • Email:
  • Phone: (217) 206-7328

Maps and Directions
Printable Directions and Campus Maps

Sponsored by:

University of Illinios - Springfield Center for System Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) University Of Illinois at Springfield: Computer Science Club