Intelligent Robotics @ UIS

Roboticists are learners, Masters-of-all-trades. We know a little bit about everything. Roboticists are the bridge between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and even psychology..

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Why take Robotics @ UIS

Unique opportunity to learn to design and implement programs for the hardware side, such as testing, controlling, automating, of mechanical hardware, robots, or chemistry experiments, essential for securing programming work in an industrial, exploration, tactical or production environments.

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots work in close proximity to humans in a shared workspace without safety fences. Work in cooperation with humans helping with heavy workpiece transfer, parts assembly.

Social Robot

Pepper is a humanoid robot by Aldebaran Robotics designed with the ability to read emotions. Social robots communicates & interact with humans by following social behaviors and rules attached to their role.

Tactical Robots

Tactical robots do surveillance, investigation, even negotiation, to keep humans safe, save lives and time in hazardous situations. They provide quick assessments of dangerous situations from a safe and remote location.

Current Research. . .

Interesting Robots from Darpa and Recent IEEE Conferences on Robotics...

Erica Robot Rap Artist

Robot Raps about her AI

Humanoid Robot "Kengoro" IEEE 2016

Kengoro the Robot That Sweats (to shed heat)

Introduction to Robotics

Designed to introduce you to the field and outline some of the research. Learn to program using hardware control and automation specialist languages. Open to all Computer Science students, no pre-requisites.

Contact & Lab Visit
Sherine Antoun Ph.D.
UHB 3114, UIS
P: (217) 206-8148

Robotic Perception & Planning

When you complete Intro to Robotics you may consider joining Robotic Perception & Planning, an advanced course offered once a year focused on sensor signal aquisition and analysis for autonomous navigation.

To be a roboticist means you are great at learning. robotics is a great choice for computer science students.