Computer Science Minor

Our program offers a minor in computer science which is designed for students who wish to develop a working knowledge of the computer that will allow them to apply effective computer techniques and computational problem-solving skills in a variety of contexts. It is useful for students with virtually any academic major, including accountancy, business administration, clinical laboratory science, economics, management, and others.

The minor provides a foundation in computer science for non-majors. Appropriate CSC electives number above CSC 275 are chosen in consultation with a CSC adviser. CSC courses must be taken for a letter grade.


  • CSC 302 Discrete Structures or MAT 302 Discrete Mathematics 4 Hrs.
  • CSC 225 Computer Programming Concepts I 3 Hrs.
  • CSC 275 Computer Programming Concepts II 3 Hrs.
  • Three CSC Electives 12 Hrs.

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