Information System Security Requirements as of Fall 2014

University of Illinois at Springfield

B.S. Information System Security Program Requirements (effective Fall 2014)

Transfer Student Entrance Requirements

CSC 225 Computer Programming Concepts I
CSC 275 Computer Programming Concepts II
CSC 302 Discrete Structures OR MAT 114 Finite Math OR MAT 302 Discrete Math
MAT 121 Applied Statistics
MAT 113 Business Calculus OR MAT 115 Calculus I

Core Requirements (24 hours)

CSC225, CSC275, CSC302 are prerequisites for all core courses.

CSC 305 Entrance Assessment (1st semester) (0 Hours)
CSC 421 Introduction to Networks
CSC 430 Foundations of Network Security and Information Assurance
CSC 431 Network Security and Computer Ethics
CSC 368 Systems Programming Languages
CSC 465 Windows Network Administration
CSC 438 Systems Security and Information Assurance Capstone
CSC 405 Exit Assessment (final semester) (0 Hours)

CSC Electives (12 hours)

CSC elective courses should be chosen from 400 level courses other than 410. You should choose courses that are in your chosen area of emphasis Systems Security and Information Assurance. Consult your CSC advisor for final approval.

Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) 10 hours at the 300-400 Level

All undergraduate students are required to take a minimum of 10 hours in Engaged Citizenship Common Experience. In addition to the required 1-hour Speakers Series, students must complete coursework in at least 2 of the 3 remaining ECCE requirements (U.S. Communities, Global Awareness, and Engagement Experience). We recommend CSC 315 Robo Ethics (4 hrs. Global Awareness), CSC 442 Internet in American Life (4 hrs. U.S. Communities) and EXL 30x Applied Study Term/AST (4-6 hrs.), which would total 12-14 hrs.) The extra 2-4 ECCE hours will be used toward Other Degree Requirements (shown below), if needed.
U.S. Communities (3 -4 hours)
Global Awareness (3 -4 hours)
Engagement Experience (3-6 hours)
Speakers Series (1 hour)

  • You must follow the degree plan that was in effect when you entered UIS (or later).
  • CSC courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • CSC 305 must be taken the first semester of enrollment.
  • CSC 405 must be taken the last semester of enrollment.

Other degree requirements:

120 semester hours are required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree at UIS:
Of these, 48 semester hours must be upper division credits (numbered above 299)
At least 30 semester hours must be earned at UIS
Lower Division General Education Requirements must be met.