I'm Admitted, Now What: First Steps

First Steps for New Students:

Write down your University Id Number and don’t lose it. You are required to put this on every e-mail exchange with the department at UIS and will be asked for it if you call the university.

Take note of the academic calendar, tuition/fees policies, drop/withdrawal dates, and other information at http://www.uis.edu/registration/registration/

Establish your netid and password

  1. This is required to register, access blackboard, access DARS, and activate your UIS e-mail account
  2. http://www.uis.edu/its/techsupport/passwords.html Go to this site to establish the netid
  3. If you have questions, contact the UIS Technology center by calling (217) 206-7357 or emailing techsupport@uis.edu

Log into your UIS e-mail Account

  1. The link is on the UIS Homepage (www.uis.edu) Under QuickLinks
  2. Since academic e-mails contain confidential information, the department will only accept and communicate with UIS e-mail accounts. Please use this account for all university communication.
  3. Course information will only be sent to your UIS e-mail account. Please check it regularly

Run your Degree Audit System Report

  1. See the guide here: DARS Guide
    • This report will list all classes that you have taken, are taking and should take.
    • Please verify all future courses with your advisor to ensure that you aren't missing anything.
    • Your advisor is listed at the top of your Degree Audit System report.

Select your classes: http://www.uis.edu/registration/onlinereg/

  1. On campus classes have a meeting day and time associated with them.
  2. Online classes have a time listed as TBA.
  3. Online students may not take on campus courses, on campus students are allowed to take online classes but may not enroll in them until 2 weeks before classes start.
  4. If you are in the Online Undergraduate Program you should have received an e-mail stating who your advisor is and what classes to take your first semester. If you did not, e-mail csconline@uis.edu
  5. If you are in the On Campus Undergraduate Program and have questions you can contact your advisor or the Department at csc@uis.edu
  6. If you are in the Graduate Program and have been assigned prerequisite courses, you must take those your first semester.
  7. If you are in the Graduate Program and do not have any prerequisite courses you may start to select your courses based on your career goals.

Some classes require departmental approval.

  1. Generally 300, 400, and 500 level classes will require approval (the approval is on each class and not on the student personally)
    • The following classes do not require approval: CSC 302, CSC 305, CSC 315, CSC 387, CSC 405, CSC 442
    • To request approval you must use the CSC Course Request website found at http://csc.uis.edu/sign_in
    • Due to the size of the CSC department, it may take 3-4 business days for a reply. Please be patient and once the department replies that you are approved, you can register.

Register for your classes: http://www.uis.edu/registration/onlinereg/

Understand Blackboard

  1. All of our courses utilize the blackboard system for your classes. Your class will normally not be available until the week classes start.
  2. Blackboard Main page: https://bb.uis.edu/
  3. Blackboard User Guides: http://www.uis.edu/colrs/students/blackboard/

You are ready to be a student at UIS!

  1. If you have questions you can contact csc@uis.edu or your advisor.
  2. You can locate your advisor’s e-mail address here: Faculty and Staff