Summer Technology Camp

Join us for two days of fun exploring technology! Hands-on activities include programming, robotics, hi-tech design and much more!

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Event Descriptions

New This Year: The GirlTech Robot Army!

As a multi-session activity this year, each girl will create her own robotic companion to take home.
You will get to:

Plan Your Robot:
What amazing robotic power do you want your companion to have? Hear your voice commands? Follow the path you set? Feel the touch of your hand? In this session we will couple a locomotion base to the sensors you select to make your robot accomplish a task.
Program Your Robot:
So you want your robot to come to you when you clap or trace a line you put on the floor? In this session, you will give your robot a brain by programming its microprocessor.
Personalize Your Robot:
Should your robot be a cute and happy little bug? A roving monster? A Lego movie Unikitty? We’ll teach you to design it and then print it on our 3d printer. Customize you robot and make it your own original creation.

Green Screen Dreams

A baker, a pirate, a dancer. The beach, the Great Wall of China, the Wild West. With green screen technology, you can be anywhere you want - the possibilities are endless.  In this session, we'll 'Dream Big' - creating videos of your dream job, dream place to visit, dream person to meet. We'll use green screens and iPads to make your dreams a reality.

Light Up Your Life!

What can you do with a circuit pen* and paper?   Light the frame for a picture of you and your bff?  Design a card for Mom’s birthday?   Create a miniature house with working lights?  There are LOTS of ideas to explore in this session!
* What’s a circuit pen?  It’s for drawing circuits with conductive ink.   It’s the coolest new technology!


Would you like to try a Raspberry Pi? Make up your own computer game on a Raspberry Pi computer! With Scratch, you’ll learn the elements of game design and maybe do a little programming, too!

Hi-Tech Design Using the GIMP

Find out how they make those graphic-tees that you see in the store. Then create your own custom
Girl Tech 2013 graphic-tee! Learn the role of computers in the world of graphic art and fashion design.