Summer Technology Camp

Join us for two days of fun exploring technology! Hands-on activities include programming, robotics, hi-tech design and much more!

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Event Descriptions


What do you and a strawberry have in common?

Learn about our DNA connection with the tasty fruit. Next, let's see what it looks like!

Drawing in the Air with 3D Pens

Doodling on paper? Forget it! With 3D pens, you can now draw in 3D right in the air to create anything you can think of. Lift your imagination off the page and start drawing in the air!

What’s in the Box?

Did you ever wonder what’s inside a computer, how they run and how all those parts fit together?
Come to this session and find out!


Make up your own computer game! With Scratch, you’ll learn some of the elements of game design
and maybe do a little programming, too.

Hi-Tech Design Using the GIMP

Find out how they make those graphic-tees that you see in the store. Then create your own custom
GirlTech graphic-tee! Learn the role of computers in the world of graphic art and fashion design.

And much more!!!