Summer Technology Camp

Join us for two days of fun exploring technology! Hands-on activities include programming, robotics, hi-tech design and much more!

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Event Descriptions

Fabulous Fab* Lab

We have new toys: a 3-D scanner, a laser cutter, and a 3-D printer. What can we possibly
do with these? Let you design and make your own jewelry!   * Fab is short for Fabrication.

Green Screen and Limelight

How would you like to walk down the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and Toto? Or go to a disco,
have a wedding on the beach, visit the Great Wall of China, or dance in a castle ballroom?
With digital technology, you can add yourself to your favorite movie or scene and a Star is Born!

What’s to Eat?

Technology moves into the kitchen as you try new ways to create yummy goodies.

I see SUN spots!

Use telescopes equipped with solar filters to view the current number and location of sunspots.
Examine past sunspot number data and graph those data to compare solar cycles in the past with
the current one. Make your own solar viewer, and learn about the impact of the solar cycle on climate.


Become an electronic pirate and find hidden treasure. Use geocaching technology to follow the
clues to a hidden treasure. Use iPhones and iPads to follow the trail of Lats and Longs in search
of a bountiful reward.


Make up your own computer game! With Scratch, you’ll learn some of the elements of game design
and maybe do a little programming, too. If you have Scratch experience, advanced sessions will
let you sharpen your skills and develop more complex projects.

Hi-Tech Design Using the GIMP

Find out how they make those graphic-tees that you see in the store. Then create your own custom
Girl Tech 2013 graphic-tee! Learn the role of computers in the world of graphic art and fashion design.