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Dr. ted Mims, Chair of the Computer Science Department

Dr. Mims is the Director of the Center and Co-Principal Investigator on the NSF/ATE funded Regional Center for Systems Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA).    Dr. Mims’ work in networks, systems security, information assurance and computer science education has been recognized by both academia and the computer industry.  With the growth of the UIS Computer Science Department, Dr. Mims’ main focus is on his administrative duties as department head and principal investigator on the CSSIA grant.

Professor Mims has over 40 years of teaching experience. His current research is related to developing laboratory and instructional modules for teaching about networks, systems security and information assurance. Professor Mims has successfully involved undergraduate and graduate students in research projects. Several students have made conference presentations and have had their papers published.



Office: UHB 3108
Phone: (217) 206-7326
E-mail: mims.ted@uis.edu
Homepage: http://www.uis.edu/~mims/

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