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     Our program offers a master of science (scientiae magister, S.M. or M.S.) in the field of computer science. This program is oriented toward software and is most appropriate for candidates interested in the design, analysis, and implementation of software programs.

     Students must complete 32 hours of approved courses; no more than 12 hours may be taken before the student is fully admitted to the program. Course work must include: 1) 28 hours of CSC electives approved by the studentís adviser; 16 hours must be at the 500-level; and 2) 4 hours of CSC 540 Graduate Research Seminar.

     Computer science graduate students have the option to complete a comprehensive closure exercise to demonstrate the ability to formulate, investigate, and analyze a problem and to report results in writing and orally. The exercise is classified as either a graduate project or a master of science thesis. Both options require significant work. A thesis is an extensive research essay on an approved computer science topic, original in either its content or mode of integration. A project is an applied study that combines an approved computer science topic with actual problems or issues in a professional setting. Completing the closure exercise demonstrates a studentís qualifications as a computer professional. Guidelines for completing the requirement are available from the CSC program and should be consulted before any work on the closure exercise is begun. Students must enroll in four hours of the master of science project/thesis course (CSC 550) for credit. If the work is not completed during the initial four hours, campus policy requires that students register to audit one hour of CSC 550 during each semester the work remains in-complete. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment will require retroactive registration for one credit hour per semester. If a formal leave of absence is approved by the program, continuous registration is not required.

     Students must earn a grade of 'B-' or better in all courses that apply toward the degree. In addition, students who do not maintain a 3.00 grade-point average will be placed on academic probation according to campus policy. Graduate students enrolled in 400-level courses should expect more stringent grading standards and/or additional assignments. Courses taken on a credit/no credit basis will not count toward the degree.

     While degree requirements evolve on a regular basis, students are allowed a degree of flexibility when determining their specific requirements. By default, students are held to the degree requirements specified at the time of enrollment. However, students may elect to hold themselves to a more recent set of requirements. Students are encouraged to retain the appropriate requirement-set and use it to monitor their academic progress.

  • Graduate degree requirement-set effective Fall 1988 and before.
  • Graduate degree requirement-set effective since Fall 1995.
  • Graduate degree requirement-set effective since Fall 2006. Total hours required for M.S. Degree: 32 hours
  • Graduate degree requirement-set effective since Fall 2008. Total hours required for M.S. Degree: 32 hours

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